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Being prepared for new pandemics — the health in me

Covid-19 hasn’t been humanity’s first pandemic, and it surely won’t be the last one.

As individuals, can we do a better job at preparing for pandemics? Health is a long-term commitment and in the imminent threat of an epidemic no amount of orange juice will make us suddenly immune. Instead, we should adopt a lifestyle that gives our immune system the best chance to do its job.

In this regard, lock-downs have made us more aware and creative. 

But preparing for future pandemics is a collective endeavor too – we need to be there for one another more.

If we take this solidarity into the future, we will all be better prepared for a possible next crisis.

Overcoming the challenges of remote leadership

“The coronavirus outbreak has become the world’s largest work-from-home experiment” – Time, March 3rd, 2020. Without prior notice and preparation, several leaders have now to manage their teams at a distance.

Many, for the first time. Challenges that are common in any team, become suddenly magnified by the dramatic lense of distancing through space, and often, time.

What can leaders do? We sought for expert advice and gathered a set of strategies that leaders can promptly enact to promote trust, communication and productivity in their remote teams. One thing is for sure.

Even if this massive experience of remote work is not a permanent change, it’s going to inevitably broaden organizational reperto

Creativity, agility & speed: crucial skills for complex and unpredictable contexts

We are living times of profound and rapid changes at many levels. We already knew we had to be ready for the jobs revolution. We did not know we would suddenly be facing one of the biggest crises of our generation: the outbreak of the coronavirus.

In the midst of new uncertainties, one thing is for sure: change is constant and inevitable, it can strike really fast, at a large scale, and without prior notice. In this context, the capacity of organizations and people to adapt became absolutely vital. Many studies show that certain ‘soft’ skills, are now key – notably, creativity, agility and speed. These skills are hard to measure, but there is no doubt they will make the difference.

Creativity: if you want to survive, you can no longer rely on old paradigms, you need non-s

The Summaries

Being prepared for new pandemics — the health in me

Overcoming the challenges of remote leadership

Creativity, agility & speed: crucial skills for complex and unpredictable contexts

Fortune favors the prepared mind. LOUIS PASTEUR


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